Growth Serum - The secret of longer lashes

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Product Features

The Secret behind longer Lashes Visible longer and thicker lashes after 2 weeks. GROWTH Serum contains a growth active called SymPeptide® XLash which is proven to have visible effect on the length and thickness of the eyelashes. It has been proven to give visible effect after 2 weeks use. GROWTH Serum contains 10% Sympeptide® XLash and 5 % Follicusan. Sympeptide ® XLash lengthens and thickens the eye lashes. Follicisan gives thicker lashes, promotes hair growth and increases the percentage of hairs.


Apply Growth Serum from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lash line as close to the roots as possible. The thin pencil makes the application easy. Growth Serum can be applied in the evening before going to sleep or during the daytime under all kinds of mascaras. Growth Serum can also be applied on the eye brows to increase the number of hairs or to get thicker hairs.

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