GOSH Donoderm T-Zone Refining Serum 15 ml - 001

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Product Features
An intensive treatment containing a high concentration of active ingredients. This ultra-light balancing serum is a multi-tasking treatment designed to calm and balance the skin. It works to regulate oil production, reduce the appearance of pores and to control shine.

The result is a clear and calm complexion.
Using active ingredients to keep skin nourished and protected,

GOSH DONODERM T-ZONE REFINING SERUM absorbs instantly before penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long-term results.
How to use:
In the morning and evening apply to a clean face and neck or mix with moisturiser before applying.

Directions of use:
Apply evenly to face and neck after cleansing.
Follow up with a moisturiser.
Use morning and night.
GOSH DONODERM T-ZONE REFINING SERUM contains the following actives:

Extracted from red clover flower, Miniporyl™ is a plant-derived pore minimizer designed to rebalance skin conditions responsible for pore enlargement. With a titrated content of bioactive polyphenol Biochanin A, Miniporyl™ acts effectively and simultaneously on different biological targets to refine the skin with a fast action. REGULATION OF SEBUM PRODUCTION & REDUCTION IN PORE SIZE
Salicylic Acid:
Salicylic acid is an exfoliant ingredient that is chemically similar to aspirin. Like aspirin, Salicylic Acid can remove redness and inflammation as it opens pores.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyaluronate has a smal molecular size (making it especially penetrative), and is able to hold more water than any other natural substance—up to 1,000 times its weight in water!
Thanks to these two attributes, when applied topically to the skin it can reach deep down into the dermis to combine with, maintain and attract water. Thanks to its super-sized hydrating properties, Sodium Hyaluronate will result in smoother, softer skin with decreased wrinkles and an all-around fuller appearance.

Liquid Sea Minerals:
Deep ocean magnesium and minerals that are proven to boost production of skin collagen and to aid in the repair and regeneration of healthy skin cells. Deep ocean minerals extracted directly from the mineral rich North Atlantic waters have been proven to improve the repair and regeneration of healthy skin cells to improve the tone, radiance and condition of the skin within days.

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