GOSH Fake It! Primer Mascara - 001 Grey

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Product Features
More volume, more length – more is more, when talking about lashes. GOSH COPENHAGEN launches a new nourishing lash primer for those of us who can’t get enough definition, volume and length to the lashes.
FAKE IT! LASH PRIMER works its magic by coating the lashes with a grey foundation of nourishing, volumizing base coat, which lifts, fills and separates the lashed before applying mascara.

Applied under the mascara the FAKE IT! LASH PRIMER makes the lashes look stronger, longer and fuller and helps the mascara last longer.

Product Info

  • Parabena free

Important Arguments

  • Base coat for all mascaras
  • Grey Primer
  • Maximum volume
  • Length, definition & ultimate separation
  • Nourishing & strengthening
  • Suitable for all lashes
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid
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