GOSH Hygge Hand and Body Cream 500 ml - 001

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Product Features
Take good care of dry skin and hard-working hands. Treat skin, add moisture and softness with HYGGE HAND & BODY CREAM, containing Niacinamid ( B3), Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Mimosa Wax, Jojoba Ester and Sunflower Wax. HYGGE HAND & BODY CREAM cares for skin, leaving behind a subtle, fresh and natural scent. Amazing moisture for dry skin and rough hands. Easily absorbed.

How to use
Use throughout the day when hands need extra care and especially after hand washing. Suitable for all skin types.

Use as a body cream
Apply HYGGE HAND & BODY CREAM after every shower to lock in moisture and really care for the skin. Massage cream into the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Supercharge the hydration of the skin by mixing in a few drops of HYGGE 100% PURE OIL with cream.


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