GOSH Rebel Eyes Mascara Skinny B!

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Product Features
Do you want stunning eyelashes that last all day, without having lash extensions?
REBEL EYES MASCARA SKINNY B is the answer. The formula gives eyelashes a lovely, panoramic finish, multiplying them and making lashes black & glossy all day long.
The long-wearing effect is clinically proven and, it’s waterproof — how could you not love this mascara?
The long-wear mascara lasts up to 24 hours, yet can be easily removed with warm water thanks to innovative thermal-sensitive technology.
The unique brush reaches and grips even the tiniest lashes, with an advanced lifting formula in an extreme black colour.

• Lengthening and lifting
• Long-wearing - lasts through rain, sweat, tears
• Unique, slim brush reaches the tiniest lashes
• Captures, coats & de-clumps lashes
• Advanced lifting formula
• Perfume free
• Vegan

Prevent allergy – choose a product that has been AllergyCertified.
When choosing products carrying the AllergyCertified label you can rest assured that toxicologists have gone through every single ingredient and made a risk assessment.

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